Daily Coding

Background- Kate strachnyi


At the beginning of 2020, I started the #dailycoding challenge – > the goal is to code every single day (for at least a year) and post what I learn or share my experience on social media (mainly LinkedIn).  I’m currently learning R and Python at the same time – I enjoy learning how to do something in the two different languages and sharing it with the community

learn together


If you are interested in joining the challenge, simply start on the day you want and call that Day 1 of #dailycoding -> continue on for as long as you’d like. You can follow the hashtag #dailycoding on LinkedIn to see what other people are posting about and learn from each other


Daily posts are recorded and saved for review

I keep all of the posts in a Google Doc to make it easy to refer back to them and see how far I’ve come. Over time this becomes my personal guide to coding in R and Python.