Open Data Science Virtual Conference

Open Data Science Virtual Conference

April 18, 2020 Data Science 0

April 14-17, 2020

Sharing some insights from the the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) that I attended virtually.

First, it was really easy to enter the conference using my EventBrite login details. Entered the ODSC lobby area and it was virtually set up just like the real thing!

There are even miniature virtual people walking the halls, chatting with each other, and ODSC staff ready to greet attendees with a smile.

You’re given an option to click on various places to go to – love the gamification part of the experience. You can go to the Expo Hall, Network Lounge, Training, Career Hall, Auditorium, etc.

Clicking on any of the locations takes you into that environment with built in live chat capabilities.

I joined the Programming with Data: Python and Pandas session with Daniel Gerlanc which was really informative with great examples of using Pandas.

Naturally, I jumped in and hung out for Kirk Borne’s session on Adapting Machine Learning Algorithms to Novel Use Cases. Really cool visual on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Another really cool session I watched was on Top Tips for Communicating Your Results to Management from David Meza, Sr. Data Scientist at NASA.

Common problems include presentations don’t follow the right flow, takes too long, lacks a clear message, or is too detailed. Management doesn’t have too much time so getting to the point quickly is important. Make sure you know your materials, be comfortable with the analysis, domain, etc.

Understanding why the stakeholders are asking the specific question is key to obtaining confidence from your audience. Avoid acronyms if possible and keep in mind the “what’s in it for me” mindset of the audience.

Make sure that if you are using graphics, you are providing the right level of information. Use animation sparingly and make sure it is appropriate for aiding in understanding.

At some point I hopped into the Expo Hall to check out the sponsors/ vendor booths. OMG it looked so cool with the virtual set up! You can see all the sponsors and demo theater in the picture below. Really creative!

I visited a few booths, including KNIME, Looker, and Dotscience. I actually had Luke Marsden on a LinkedIn live a few days ago from Dotscience so was cool to see them in there – we spoke about ML Ops.

Great job ODSC!

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