2019 Goals: Kate Strachnyi

2019 Goals: Kate Strachnyi

December 28, 2018 DATAcated Challenge 2


We are a few days away from the end of 2018; I’m thinking through my goals for 2019 and wanted to document my thoughts to refer to in the next year.  This list isn’t comprehensive but I’m going to try to accomplish the following:

  1. Interview 100 people for Humans of Data Science video podcast (Ongoing)
  2. Develop the Data Science Ethics Awareness course on Udemy (January 2019)
  3. Write the Data Literacy for Kids book (March 2019)
  4. Run 1,000 miles (Ongoing)
  5. Co-author the Mothers of Data Science book with Kristen Kehrer (April 2019)
  6. Write The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders – Volume II (July 2019)
  7. Manage the Datacated Weekly project (Ongoing)
  8. Monitor discussions in the Online Book Club (Ongoing)
  9. Develop Data Storytelling course on Udemy (August 2019)
  10. Go on 3 family vacations (Ongoing)
  11. Learn Python!
  12. Complete Spartan Trifecta!


2 Responses

  1. Mark Meloon says:

    Great goals, Kate! Looking forward to keeping up with everything you have planned!

    Happy New Year,

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