A data scientist foundations

A data scientist foundations

December 31, 2018 DATAcated Challenge 0

As Data Science roles continue to be in high demand across industries, and more organizations start to develop a data driven culture, the interest in transitioning to this field increases. Certainly, DS is a very dynamic discipline that is making a big impact across organizations, with a practical approach brings together other disciplines like math, statistics and computer science. All this in order to achieve one purpose, which is extracting knowledge from data.

No matter your background, there are key aspects to be considered if you want to be a great Data Scientist, some of them are: Curiosity, problem solving mindset, business knowledge, communication and commitment to your team’s success.

Nonetheless, in every field is important to develop technical skills, and Data Science is not an exception. Learning to code is a must in order to obtain results. Also, staying up to date with new technologies is a valuable asset. Even if you don’t master most technologies, is crucial to be aware of improvement opportunities, wether you implement them yourself or somebody in your team does, what’s important is being able to correctly evaluate pros and cons.

Sometimes contributions coming from data analysis may generate incredulity. In those cases, the best action plan is to keep working, improving your work and talking to people about it. Communication is crucial to understand their “data pain” and providing useful answers. By bringing people on board and keeping them involved in the process you will get them to trust you.

Finally, if you are passionate about data, creativity and improvement will come along the way. Just keep informed, use social media as a tool to collaborate and give yourself a chance to make a change in a field that is changing and evolving every day.

By: Ursula Figueroa Rauter

”A data scientist foundations”


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