A guide to Effective Storytelling with data

A guide to Effective Storytelling with data

May 2, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

By Cassin Thangam Edwin – Power BI developer at Accenture.

When you cannot communicate a happening, what is the point in that?  To start with an elevator pitch, storytelling is the art of translating an incident into a story. It allures the listeners to involve themselves completely and imbibe  the words of the spokesperson. Just by visualizing the data it is tedious to uncover all the insights that needs to be  presented to the stalk holders. There are certain parameters from which we can craft an efficient storytelling methodology which can deliver insights for making data driven decisions.

First of all, it is much important to attract the audience with a topic much intended to capture their interest. Also, learning the audience is essential. Understand what they are interested to hear. Highlighting the crucial information while conveying rather than the generic contributes a lot in pulling the audience towards the speaker.

Next, choosing the right visual to represent the data is much important. Right visual means a simple pie-chart or bar chart which could be understood by all at a first instance. Even a simple table would suffice is most cases. This is a vital need as most of the audience are non-technical and they get exhausted too easily. Keeping it simple is indispensable.

One important technique to bring out the most out of the presentation is to express emotions.  Rather than keeping a plain face throughout the lecture its good to show some cheer when target is achieved and soreness when there is a drop in the sales.

Lastly, think in the perspective of an artist. Every information communicated through the data visualization is to show some subtle differences. For instance in tools like Tableau, Power BI the Drill down feature will help extracting the information about a particular aspect.  Also, exerting the row-level security feature will restrict data to a particular user which eases the view for that particular user.


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