A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

March 28, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

An average person can retain 10% of what they hear when tested after 72 hours. However, when same information is shown visually they retain it up to 65%. This statistic is based on a 2008 study in the content Brain Rule Rundown. Good data visualization should engage the audience as well as improve the depth of their understanding.

It can be achieved by taking care of few things as mentioned below.

1) Who is your target audience?

The foremost and important step in creating great visualization is knowing your audience, what information they care about and what you would like to show. One should keep in minds that,not all audience perceive the information in the same way. For instance, a CFO of a company might just need high level information about the sales country wise while the sales manager might need more details with respect to each city.

2) Always better to have a proper beginning and an end to every story.

A common approach should be providing a high-level summary through graphs and then move on to detailed reports. Before ending it’s good to have a conclusion graph which would help the audience to draw insights easily. Providing a visual overview of what you are discussing helps the audience to gain a general understanding of the topic.

3) Use proper Styling Format, Logical Hierarchy and Highlight what’s important.

*Adding chart titles, color legends, annotations and comments gives additional context to the graphs.

*Data visualization can contain lots of information, so it’s important to highlight critical points to direct audience’s attention.

*Organizing categorical data either alphabetically or by value,time series data chronologically and numerical data sequentially allows readers to compare and interact with data more intuitively.

*Avoid using more than 6 colors in single layout, high contrast color combinations.

*Don’t distract audience from data by adding unnecessary illustrations, icons, font styles.

Image Courtesy: https://pin.it/ar5a67uq3qiyuj

By: Rameshwari Naik


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