AMAZON knows it !

AMAZON knows it !

January 16, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Let’s simply remix all big technologies like: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning,GPS, and Predictive Analytics, and let’s put it into one simple action called: Anticipatory Shipping.

Amazon wants to analyse your brain decisive process pattern by watching your virtual moves. They will not only make conclusions from your wish list or shopping bucket, but they will also analyse how long do you actually hover over specific item, how often do you stay on the web site watching specific stuff and above all they will match products you might like. Then Amazon will create your profile and the whole journey will start.

You might only consider to buy this beautiful bag by adding it to your wish list, but Amazon will make one step ahead and will send it already to the nearest hub in your neighbourhood, so that your brand new bag will be awaiting for your final ‘YES’.

It’s not the end, they will send you a predictive wish box full of items you probably need, basing on your purchase habits and preferences. In case you will don’t like them, nothing more complicated then leave the package on your wiper and somebody will take it from you.

To create such an amazing supply chain Amazon use a bunch of algorithms, which are programmed to make automatic decisions for you, before you even know it crossed your mind.

In my personal opinion they are facing a huge challenge. We have the most demanding client in the history and predict unpredictable can be dauting and exciting at the same time.

By: Monika Kordus


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