Application of NLP in Digital Marketing

Application of NLP in Digital Marketing

February 7, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

A few years ago if someone had asked you to look for flights from one city to another the very first thing you would do is to type the same in google to get the details of flight. But this conventional way for looking for information has now changed because of Natural Language Processing or NLP, another leap in the modern day technological advancement that allows human to interact with machine in one’s own language.

NLP has a lot of application in existence and one such real world application is aiding in digital marketing. Marketing is always about targeting the rite audience for the rite product at the right time and here is how it is used.

Step 1: User looks to buy a sports shoe online.

Step 2: The results from the search engine will give you a huge list of websites from where you can buy them

Step 3: User checks 4 to 5 websites but decides to postpone the plan of buying the shoe

Now this data with the keyword sports shoe reaches the marketers who will digitally market their sports shoes to the user every time he visits a website and this might at times include offers depending on the intent of the user to buy the product which will depend on how specific the search is. The same is also applicable in one getting promotional emails from marketers.

Processing these key words is done with the help of NLP and further aided by machine learning algorithms in displaying the advertisements to the end user.

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By: Anantha Krishnan S


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