Clear Window Pane

Clear Window Pane

January 8, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

A woman always complained about her neighbour’s wife. She once commented to her husband on the breakfast table to look through the window and see that her neighbour’s wife doesn’t even clean the clothes properly. She said – ” Look, she’s hanging the linen on the wire, see how dirty her washed clothes are even after cleaning.” On the next day she again complained about the same issue to her husband. The next day again as she was trying to make her statement, she was astonished to see that the clothes were shining bright. She was taken aback and looked to her husband and asked him- “How on earth is this possible?”. The husband smiled and remarked – “I cleaned the window pane today morning!!”

The same is with Data scientists. The data might not seem good, clear, vivid and appealing on the first instance but complaining is not the method of problem solving. The best quality of a data scientist is to clean the window pane, that is to change his views about the data and bring out the shine in it methodically.

The second most important quality is patience and lastly it’s the creativity incumbent in one’s mind that shatters all the darkness and brings out light in the way we observe data.



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