Communication & Collaboration will make you “Great”

Communication & Collaboration will make you “Great”

January 7, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

I want to start with the preface, that the qualities that make a great data scientist will be very dependent on the company you work for at the team that surrounds you. I strongly feel that organizations should focus on building a dynamic data science team rather than offering out the title of a data scientist, but this will take some time.

In general I think a “good” data scientist will have a many of the required basics such as math/statistical knowledge, programming/coding, and sound business basics. They don’t need to be experts in any of these, but should have a solid foundation and knowledge base on how to apply and discuss them with others. Knowing the differences between database types, coding methodologies and how to present well, in many different formats will all help you to grow and find your passion for data science.

A “great” data scientist needs to have passion, and love of data. They should specialize in at least one key aspect of data science, and strive to always learn more. If you do not have that spark or passion, you will never truly be a great data scientist.

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of data science, is the ability to connect with all of your partners. You need to be able to communicate to technical, and non-technical people alike all aspects of data science. Being able to collaborate across all levels of an organization is key to every successful project or experiment. Collaboration will help you to see your own shortcomings and create humility in order to learn more.

If you can master these aspects, I truly feel you will be a “great” data scientist.

By: John Maschke


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