Data is everywhere, lets make a good story out of it

Data is everywhere, lets make a good story out of it

March 28, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

With Big data revolution since last decade, the data is being weighed in terms of Peta-bytes from Megabytes. Huge amount of data brings organizations into jeopardy as to how to build story out of it. With tools like Tableau, powerBI, and many visualization libraries in programming, focus has now been shifted to reporting and story building.

But how to build a good story ? What are the guidelines when it comes to visualizing data ? Who am I communicating my results to ? All these questions are significant to drive better decision making.

Before visualizing data, we must have a good understanding of Exploratory and Explanatory Analysis. Exploratory analysis is like hunting pearls in oysters. Its a technique to understand the data and figure out what might be noteworthy so that it could be highlighted.

We might have to test more than 100 hypothesis or look at data in many different ways to give just one good visual story, but, when it comes to communicating results to audience, we land up in Explanatory Analysis space, meaning we just need to build specific story¬† that audience might found interesting …”Diamond in the rough”.

Following are the key guidelines which will help you to build effective data visualization report.
1. Understanding the context.
2. Choosing appropriate visual display.
3. Focus attention where you want it.
4. Eliminating clutter in visual report.
5. Think like a designer.
6. Telling a story.

Always keep following things in mind:
1. Audience: The more specific audience, the better position for successful communication.
2. Action: What do you need your audience to know ? Let them understand clearly what information are you communicating.

Being able to effectively narrate story around data is one key aspect which will give you a better success in Data Analytics domain.

By: Gaurav Chavan


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