Data Science in New Scientific Discoveries

Data Science in New Scientific Discoveries

January 17, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

New Scientific Discoveries leads to New Innovations New Discoveries that lead this world to New ideas, Achievements and something for which our existence occurs.

All the past Scientific Discoveries like discovering new molecules, drugs, new species, planets, stars all happened by taking a lot of time may be taken centuries of time; but there are problems with the traditional ways of achieving these Scientific discoveries

  • They take a  lot of time (may takes years)
  • They take a lot of efforts and cost

Here is the Solution,

“Data Science in New Scientific Discoveries”

We need something which helps Scientists to achieve the new Scientific Discoveries in any field of interest that may be medical, space, physics, chemistry, etc. where innovations are happening and that is Data Science

If Data Science is integrated with these Scientific Discoveries we can attain the innovations in the least possible time, Cost and Effort and also in precision.

I think that’s the objective of the Data Science to find new solutions to the problems not restricted to the field.

Some Past Scientific Discoveries with AI

1) In 2017, Researchers had used the Kepler Data given by NASA and Discovered the new planets using AI, planets are Kepler 80g and Kepler 90i

2) Synthesizing new Drugs with AI

3) In Dec 2018, DeepMind’s Alphafold predicted the 3D protein Structure using Genomic data to help scientists to understand and diagnose them in advance.

By: Shakti Singh


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