Data Science – Like Driving a Car

Data Science – Like Driving a Car

February 15, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Data Science is similar to driving a car; a person needs to concentrate on steering, accelatoring, and braking simultaneously, if any one missed out, you cant reach your destination properly. Here in Data Science, Data Scientists need to think and work on Math, Programming and Innovation idea together to reach thier dream.

As a Hiring Manager, please check whether person is good  on anyone, then hire him/her and develop  & motivate him/her to learn other two to reach the common goal for both.

No one is an expert on car driving first time, slowly day by day experience make them expert with help of trainer or coach.So hiring manager need to find person with above skill and coach them to become expert.

Or you can hire 3 person with these 3 skills and make them work on collabrate way to reach everyone goal!!!

By: Sivaguru Thirunavukkarasu


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