Data Science Use Case in Construction Industry

Data Science Use Case in Construction Industry

January 15, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

While there are many use cases of Data Science in different industries, I would like to mention one from the Construction industry. I came across this while I was preparing for an interview for a construction company. Very novel isn’t it? Who would have thought Data Science and Machine Learning would be utilized in a construction company? But when I read up on it, there are already some big companies in construction industry making use of Machine Learning to do some really cool things and making a huge impact in the society.

This is one of the many interesting use cases in construction industry which is using ML on job sites to improve construction safety and reduce risk. This is done by using’s artificial intelligence capability to analyze photos/ audios/ videos taken at the job site to tag and detect common safety risks like missing hard hats or gloves, giving teams the ability to help drive a positive safety culture in the project. We all are aware of the number of fatalities/ injuries that take place at a construction site. While it is unfortunate, solutions like these can make a huge difference by predicting and mitigating risks to avoid such incidences. So, I think companies like these deserve a big round of applause for being so forward-thinking and working towards an injury-free environment.

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By: Shagufta Pathan


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