Data Scientist Role

Data Scientist Role

December 29, 2018 DATAcated Challenge 0

Data Scientist role itself is getting redefined every year as it is evolving every day, month and year because we are at the initial stage of next big wave which will touch every living being or objects used by a living being.

As per todays understanding and need, few qualities are much needed to be a great data scientist which most of the organizations would like to see are as follows:

  1. Passionate problem solver
  2. Love maths and numbers
  3. Understand the problem in the business context ( Business Domain understanding)- to get the right data and understand the business problem and have a goal in mind
  4. Skilled with statistical tools- R/ Python/ SAS
  5. Skilled with churning numbers/ data using models or algorithm to get the insight
  6. Presenting and storytelling skills (communicator)
  7. Curious and great learner – there is always a better and faster way

In short, Data Scientist is a confluence of multiple skills, that is why people from different domains and experiences are getting attracted, learning and enhancing skills and getting successful. I see Data scientist role as a passionate journey.

By: Sanjay Roy


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