Data Story

Data Story

March 22, 2020 DATAcated Challenge 0

 1. Introduction

“Storytelling” is often used as a blanket statement to describe how well the information is presented in an interpretable presentation with a logical flow. Today, “story” and “narrative” are used less to describe the craft and more to reference coherent flows placed within the necessary context to deliver meaning.

Different people, i suppose, might have different perceptions to express important components of a data story. In particular, i believe that the essential elements that keep the story running smoothly, allowing the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow, are the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution.  Short brief can be seen below.

1.1 Components

  • CHARACTERS : – The characters are the individuals that the story is about. The author should introduce the characters in the story with enough information that the reader can visualize each person. All characters should stay true to the author’s descriptions throughout the story so that the reader can understand and believe the action that is taking place—and perhaps even predict which character may do what next.
  • SETTING: -The setting is the location of the action. An author should describe the environment or surroundings of the story in such detail that the reader feels that he or she can picture the scene. Unusual settings (such as a fantasy world) can be interesting, but everyday settings can help a reader to better visualize the story and feel connected to the plot!
  • PLOT :- The plot is the actual story around which the entire book is based. A plot should have a very clear beginning, middle, and end—with all the necessary descriptions and suspense, called exposition—so that the reader can make sense of the action and follow along from start to finish.
  • CONFLICT:- Every story has a conflict to solve. The plot is centered on this conflict and the ways in  which the characters attempt to resolve the problem.
  • RESOLUTION:- The solution to the problem is the way the action is resolved.  It is important that the resolution fit the rest of the story in tone and creativity and solve all parts of the conflict.

2. Conclusion

Lastly, these are my views regarding the essential components that credits the data story. What about yours?    

Author – Saurav Upadhyaya


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