Glimpse into the Sixth Annual Big Data & Analytics Canada Summit

Glimpse into the Sixth Annual Big Data & Analytics Canada Summit

February 14, 2020 DATAcated Challenge 0

Feb 12-13, 2020

The Sixth Annual Big Data & Analytics Canada Summit took place on Feb 12-13, 2020, in Toronto. I flew in the night before and met the amazing team at Strategy Institute. The first day of the conference, we heard from several amazing speakers. Jim Love – CEO of IT World Canada was a great host and kicked things off in the morning with a comparison of data to oil. Data, just like oil, has no value until you refine it, transform it, and take a vehicle to deliver it. In order for data (and oil) to be useful, it has to have a place to go.

I truly enjoyed listening to all the speakers and learned something new from each session I attended. My favorite session was from Rupen Seoni – See Connect Do. He spoke about the challenges of working in a multi-channel media universe. It’s difficult to find the target client across the different channels; as well as providing the right message for them. Another challenge is evaluating the impact of the different channels and integrating data between the channels. One key takeaway from his talk was the focus on getting consistent data cross the channels from the strategy phase all the way to execution. He states that organizations need to insist that their research, analytics, and agency partners work closely together.

During the networking breaks I met several people with similar interests; most of the people I met where there to absorb as much information as possible and receive updates on the trends in the industry. I also stopped by and chatted with several sponsors of the conference and got to know learn more about companies I’ve heard of before and was introduced to some that I haven’t been aware of.

On day two, I attended a few sessions including one on reskilling your team for the digital age to maintain your competitive edge; the panel discussed a few actions a company can take to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. One session I couldn’t wait to attend was the women in leadership panel. It was an insightful session and the speakers kindly shared their stories and advice on how to address some of the challenges faced by women in technology.

I was able to conduct one LinkedIn live stream on each day of the conference and was happy to provide a glimpse into the content covered in the conference. The live stream on day one was with Mazen Moussa from FICO and we spoke about the secrets of operationalizing AI, ML, and advanced analytics models. On day 2 I interviewed Ali Close from Women in Tech World. We spoke about women in technology and covered several topics ranging from the need for companies to have thought diversity to her recommendations on actions that people can take to help attract and retain women in technology.  

Additionally, I had a business card raffle and gave away a few of my books: The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders.

Huge thank you to Marjorie Menor and her team at Strategy Institute for working with Story by Data as a media partner.

As a side note – Toronto was really nice! I got to see the CN Tower during my early morning run on the first day of the conference 😊

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