Healthcare In India

Healthcare In India

January 17, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

If we are able to establish scalable healthcare solutions in India, we will be able to do the same for the rest 40% of the world as India being the land of diversity and complexity, in its very essence provides a perfect laboratory to carry out experiments for the rest of the world.

Status Quo

  • There is an acute shortage of qualified doctors and nurses in India as most well-qualified personnel choose to settle in more developed countries like the U.S. A.
  • There is a glaring disparity in the distribution of resources among the rural and urban demographics.

Data Science to rescue !!

Data-Driven healthcare solutions, in the long run, aspire to move from “sick” to proactive care. Despite tremendous abilities of machines to find patterns in large amount of data, automated diagnosis still seem far because when the question is about life and death even 1 false positive will invite a lot of scrutinies, Rather an augmented approach in which machine learning models assist medical practitioners seems most appropriate, creating a perfect blend of improvisation with scalability, speed, and accuracy. Some example use cases are

  • Virtual bilingual agents to automate routine patient interactions reaching parts with location barriers.
  • Forecasting disease outbreak geographically and optimizing inventory of local pharmacies.
  • Monitoring patient health remotely via Internet of Medical Things ranging on multiple factors like past history, environmental factors etc.
  • Personalized treatment plans designed to improve therapy efficiency by tailoring treatment to patients’ needs
  • Image recognition to analyze MRI scans etc ( Google trained neural networks to detect whether a person was a smoker or not from retina images).

As people understand that quality healthcare is not a luxury but rather a necessity, The sector will explode and Data Science will be there to see it through!


By: Ruchit Rawal


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