Hiring the Right Talent – The NLP way

Hiring the Right Talent – The NLP way

February 7, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Hiring the right talent with the right skill set of people is what nowadays every organization is aiming towards. In this changing era of new technologies coming in it has become the priority of every company for getting the perfect person for the perfect role. NLP , Machine Learning and AI together have proved to be powerful boon towards solving such Business Use Cases.

Using NLP one can extract n number of features from millions of Resume which can then be used to map similar skill sets among the available Job descriptions in just few seconds without having to manually go through each and every Resume. It benefits talent acquisition teams by enabling recruiters to become more strategic by spending time on proactive hiring and workplace planning. It helps in changing the tedious hiring process to more engaging and efficient one.

Time is money so why not save some by streamlining the recruitment process with NLP.

By: Kanchan Varandani


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