How can a data-driven culture drive business success by Yashi Sahu

How can a data-driven culture drive business success by Yashi Sahu

June 6, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Data pool has expanded exponentially and is set to expand even more. It has been predicted that in near future there will be such an enormous amount of data than exists now and there is no sign that this data pool will be reduced or shrink inits volume anytime soon.

As per the immense growth of data there has been always a constant pressure on organisations to make accurate business decisions.

In current scenario advanced analytics and visual dashboards, creating a data-driven reports has become an absolute popular topic of conversation for business leaders and marketing professionals.
While there’s always a balance of quantitative data and qualitative experience, businesses that use data to drive their strategies and decisions have been noticed with tremendous growth.

While companies are continuously working on collecting lots of data across their businesses via data warehouse and data active platforms, it can often remain in the periphery and mostly as untapped potential. When we see the success of potential data-savvy companies we may give a thought how a organization can replicate similar gains from its data. Central to the success of these tech giants has been their ability to establish and cultivate data-driven cultures. A data-driven culture can be defined as an operating environment that seeks to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.With the right attitudes and actions around data, we can generate equally powerful stories that can propel our data-driven culture forward. A little role modeling with data can lead everyone to a long way.

By: Yashi Sahu


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