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Human Science

January 8, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Data is everywhere, we are surrounded by it and we don’t even know. Every day we produce tons of data and someone might ask: “why do we need it?”. I am not sure about the answer, I would say that probably we don’t need it, but we have them so the question is: “what will we do with all these data?”. My immediate answer is: “we analyze them”, but to tell you more, we first have to look at the people who analyze them.

Data scientists are considered as scientists who take some data and make fancy graphs or tables come out from these data. If you are in the field of data science, you already know that this is not the truth, but let’s explain it to the people who are not into this topic.

What data scientists do is not a script that is always the same and gives specific results. What they do is more like a research, they look at the data, they study it, understand what they mean and after this, they try to answer some questions. It is not a recipe, it is a process and every time the process is different. Data is different, the questions are different and the answers are different too. They might get great results, or get nothing. They have to be very meticulous and really understand what they are working with. They need to ask questions and know how to find the answers, they don’t have to stop if they are having a hard time.

Data scientists to be great data scientists and deliver great results, have to be human. They have to treat the data as if they were working with a very fragile thing because a minimum error could lead to a catastrophe. They have to think about the people that will reed what they did and make it easy for them to understand all that scientific stuff, they have to tell a story. They have to inspire people, get them excited about data, about the answers and the benefits they can get from data.

Now that we talked about data scientists, we know what they do with this huge amount of data.

By: Carlotta Fabris


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