Importance of Strategy for Digital Landscape

Importance of Strategy for Digital Landscape

February 1, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

To serve the ambitions behind analytic, it becomes essential to have a strategy that helps to optimize the overall process rather than individual projects. This is where having a good data strategy kicks in. The foremost reason I must encourage for having a data strategy is that it can help to reduce carbon footprints by utilizing the three R’s of green computing (The three R’s being Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

To add to it, one of the priorities of analytics is to continuously satisfy the customer and one of the many ways of achieving this is by having a good data strategy that combines Agile development, DevOps (Developer Operations) and Data Science; or colloquially DataOps. The DataOps Manifesto outlines eighteen principles that I believe thrives to achieve green computing, sustainability, profitability, overall growth, timeliness, and an environment that embraces change.

Finally, a data strategy will help bring a structure to the business-data ecosystem which is essential to simplify most of the data related tasks. In conclusion, a data strategy helps to orchestrate a process that delivers valuables from a digital landscape such that a business-wide impact is visible.


  • DataOps Manifesto.

By: Devang Swami [Data Enthusiast]


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