Its not just about the science

Its not just about the science

January 10, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

It’s true that all data scientists need to have good analytical abilities, and expertise with the tools, languages and packages that enable them to do what they do.

There are 3 other qualities that make a great data scientist, which are not about the ‘science’ in Data Science:

  1. It’s not about the tools: A great data scientist knows that understanding a customer’s problem or goal is the first step towards success. Often, we’re in a rush to use the latest tools or apply this new algorithm we (finally!) understood. But a good data scientist understands that the tools and algorithms are only a means to an end – and the end is, get the customer what he/she WANTS.
  2. Make it explainable: The need for AI to be ‘explainable’ is being talked about more and more, but I believe it is important for data science too. A good data scientist should be able to explain to his/her customer the WHY behind a solution he/she creates. For example, if an algorithm predicts the likelihood that a customer will buy a car after visiting a dealership, the data scientist should be able to explain WHY or what factors influence the prediction.
  3. Continuous improvement: A great data scientist understands that no solution is the final one. Customer needs change, more data becomes available, newer/better algorithms become available. A great data scientist builds his/her solutions such that they can be improved upon without a whole lot of re-engineering.

Laxmi Arte

Entrepreneur Data Evangelist


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