Matt Dancho – My Daily Inspiration.

Matt Dancho – My Daily Inspiration.

February 28, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

“Focus on leveling up your skills. And you will go far.” The inspiring words said by none other than Matt Dancho have resonated with me ever since. Getting to know Matt via LinkedIn and being his student in his two wonderful data science courses are part of what makes my learning journey to become a data scientist extremely worthwhile.

If you are an aspiring data scientist, a data scientist, well, forget it … let’s just say regardless of the field you are in, you want to surround yourself with passionate people who not only focus on improving themselves each day but also dedicate their everyday’s life to help others, do you not? Then, hear me out. Surround yourself with people like Matt, because by doing so, your life will be so much richer.

Matt has a zeal for success, an obsession to master his craft, and an endless amount of energy and willingness to help others to succeed in the field of data science. He is, in the simplest term possible, crazy good. In an interview, Matt shared that he was coding to the point of obsession, and let me tell you, it clearly shows! Matt inspires me and his students to look at the big picture instead of focusing on the tiny details. As a result, I have become obsessed with optimizing my code, my work, and …you guess it right…my life.

Oh, and in case you have not heard about this Matt guy and wonder who he is, let me try to give you a few bullet points. Matt Dancho is the founder of Business Science, an organization focusing on empowering data scientists and data science enthusiasts to learn the tools necessary to drive business values in the most effective way possible. Matt and his colleagues offer classes, workshops, and many free resources (blog posts, weekly email newsletters, learning labs, etc.) that will help accelerate your learning.

This short post will not do you justice, Matt. But it’s my way to show that I (and let me be brave enough to say “on behalf of your many students”) appreciate you and the work you do. You are an inspiration.

By: Nguyen Cao


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