My first mentor

My first mentor

February 28, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Well, as they say life becomes much more meaningful when you have someone to look up to. I’ve come across a lot of people that have inspired me in my life, be it my mom, my sisters, the awesome LinkedIn Data community members like you (Kate Strachnyi), Randy Lao, Kristen Kehrer and many more.

But here’s a person who I truly admire and he’s my first ever mentor. He’s none other than Kyle McKiou. I got to know Kyle on LinkedIn and through the wonderful course that he offers, the Data Science Dream Job. This course has everything that can make you successful if you put in that kind of effort and determination. It’s a well-structured course offering some very important lessons that can set you up for success, for life. I have learned a lot from this course and from Kyle himself as a person over the past few months. He has taught me how to think like a Data Scientist, how to embrace everything as an opportunity, how to conduct myself, how to set goals, how to focus, how to keep striving for success and so much more. When you talk to Kyle, you feel so inspired and motivated and you immediately wanna come back on track from wherever you were lazying around. He’s very realistic, he doesn’t like to preach what he doesn’t practice and I really like that about him. I’m really inspired by his discipline, focus, goal-setting strategies, business-acumen, technical knowledge and determination. I think that’s what makes him the person that he is, a great mentor and of course a very good Data Scientist.

I truly respect and appreciate his commitment, and his mission of making others be successful. Thank you so much Kyle for creating this amazing course and for everything that you are doing for aspiring data scientists like us.

By: Shagufta Pathan


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