My Superman

My Superman

February 28, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

“Getting inspired from someone is easy but being an inspiration to someone is a great deal”

My greatest inspiration that lead me into this career streaming is Daniel Bourke. He is currently a machine learning engineer at Max Kelson. Daniel did his bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition from The University of Queensland. After that he started venturing into the world of AI. The most inspiring fact about him is he is a self made Machine learning engineer. He is a guy who doesn’t know how to quit.

I came to know about him through his YouTube videos. His first impression itself made it really clear he is a guy who has all the determination and fire to keep going. For a guy like me being recognised by someone from this field is a great deal. A simple msg itself is very much value to me and Daniel is really great in that, he was the first professional ever to reply to my messages.
He introduced me to Kate Strachnyi and here I am posting for her datacated weekly.

Daniel, people like you are the reason why more people are attracted to this field. You are my superman.

By Nikhil Nelson


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