Natural Language Processing – Student Feedback System Use Case

Natural Language Processing – Student Feedback System Use Case

February 6, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Student feedback is an important aspect for the students who put in their efforts and submit an assignment, but it is not possible to provide individual assignment feedback on a regular basis by the professors, and from here the use of technology in particular an automated system which can give feedback to students. I had the opportunity to work in this project in my university for a while and we were focusing mainly on the assignments which are theoretical having around 3000 words.

An automatic feedback system will help the student improve their further assignments and will inform them about the areas to improve depending on the marking criteria of the assignments for the subject.

Natural Language Processing –

It was important to find the ” critical words” used in assignments for the feedback system to work so that the algorithm will work based on the list of words provided to it.

A sample of assignments was taken and cleaned that is text pre processing, removing all stop-words punctuation and making the lower case of all words was done using NLTK in python and then  a model was made where we could know the frequency of words in the assignment and correlate to the topic of the assignment. The use of expected words in the assignment and frequency of the key words used was a key factor for the entire feedback system to work.

There were more factors in the system and once the student feedback system is deployed, once a student submits an assignment, it will generate a feedback for the students based on parameters. This kind of system will help students in some cases, to modify their assignments and submit again as allowed in some cases.

By: Sanket Joglekar


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