NLP and Deep Learning – Snap and Go

NLP and Deep Learning – Snap and Go

February 6, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Combine NLP with Deep Learning and you can make wonders. In India there are more than 22 major languages, not everyone knows to read and write in all the languages that are spoken & written. If someone from Kerala, India ( who speaks Malayalam ) visits Delhi ( where most of them speak Hindi ) – he may have a hard time in understanding the script / signs on the hoardings, malls, buses. Of course he can ask others, but they will not be able to converse as he is not speaking their tongue. Google Translate may be a solution when it comes to NLP – but there is effort and time involved ? If we are able to tap the potential of NLP and Deep Learning he may not even need a translator – it may be more of a snap & go feature on your phone.

By: Sreeharsha Naik


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