Qualities that make a great data scientist

Qualities that make a great data scientist

January 3, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

I would say that a few of the qualities that make a great data scientist are:

  1. Intense curiosity: data scientists should be innately curious about the data they are working with so that they will always be hungry for insights and how to improve their methodology
  2. Strong technical skills: they should have the background necessary to truly understand what their tools are doing underneath the hood in case they need to adjust them to fit their use case or models
  3. Business acumen: they need to be able to understand both the details of their data and the big picture of how their data and insights help the business’ goals as well as the “environment” of the data, such as how the data came into existence or was collected
  4. Communication skills: without being able to effectively communicate their findings, data science just looks like expensive math/statistics. That’s a hard sell if people don’t understand it! Great data scientists should be able to sell a great story that informs the business on what actions should be taken to ensure their continued success in their projects and initiatives.

By: Christopher Nguyen


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