Road to Safety

Road to Safety

January 16, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

From weather to optimizing restaurant inspections to public transportation, data science can help local government improve policies and performance. Increasing urban population and new technologies like self-driving cars are making cities to rethink their transportation system and regulations to ensure safety. We need a way to deal with outdated public transit and transportation infrastructure.

Business use case: how to minimize traffic fatalities with changes in transportation?

When Department of Transportation is developing new traffic lanes or intersection, for changes in the transportation, analytical models can assess the risk of injury, helping the team to adjust the design or recalculate to get safer results. It can determine number of vehicles in the road at a given time to accurately determine the effectiveness of new street designs. This will help the local government to manage the city’s traffic patterns and improving road safety.

By: Jaya Kuppuswamy


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