Advice for Data Science Aspiring Professionals

Advice for Data Science Aspiring Professionals

November 24, 2017 DATAcated Challenge 0

Data Scientists… you’ve heard about them, you’ve considered entering the field but aren’t sure how, or not convinced whether it’s the right role for you… I know! I’ve been there! The role has even been referred to as the “Sexiest role of the 21st century” by D.J. Patil, Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist.

A year ago, I was intrigued with the data scientist role and wanted to learn more. After spending some time researching online, I decided the best way to learn about a role is to talk to someone in that position. This inspired me to begin interviewing data scientists from various companies, industries, and geographic locations.

I was lucky enough to receive responses from the amazing people I wanted to speak with. I am very thankful that people are willing to have conversations and invest their time into helping others. After a few discussions I realized that what I was hearing would be very interesting to others. This was the point at which I decided to compile the responses from our conversations into a book – Journey to Data Scientist. Click here to download the Journey to Data Scientist [Chapter 1]

With their stories, you learn about

·       the many different positions available for data scientists,

·       the criteria recruiters look for when hiring,

·       the best options for building your portfolio,

·       the recruitment and interviewing process,

·       the typical workday for a data scientist,

·       the changing industry and its impact on other industries,

·       the wide variety of projects that use data science, and

·       the skills that can complement and improve your work.

Interview subjects include team members from some of the world’s largest organizations, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bloomberg, and IBM. These men and women graciously explain how they fell in love with data science and list the must-have skills that would make you an invaluable member of a team. Their advice gives you invaluable insight into the world of data science and the best ways you yourself can contribute to amazing research projects and the development of new technology.


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