December 31, 2018 DATAcated Challenge 0


My husband on Valentine’s day: “I know it has not been easy for you in the last years. Giving birth to our children, working full-time, commuting daily and still taking care of us like the best housewives do. I talked to your sister and she said you complained that you don’t feel sexy anymore. I would like to change that with my gift.”

Can you guess what was his gift?
Data Science Online Course 
So what makes data scientists so sexy?
Is it their passion for problem solving? 
Ability of analytical, logical thinking?
Their motivation to understand the problem itself and ask as many questions as necessary to connect the dots?
Is it their constant curiosity and the urge to continue learning? To develop  new skills to solve the problem faster, more efficient?
Is it their superpower to explain the most complex things in a simple way so everybody can understand them?
Maybe the geeky part in them, trying to understand the mathematical background of the models they are using?
Their coding skills?
Statistical knowledge?
Presentation skills?
Their team spirit?
It is never just one thing that makes someone sexy, it is the combination of things. The more rare that combination is, the sexier the person appears to be
So if data scientists posses the rare combination of all those skills, they must be (and feel) sexy!
By: Nina Otopal


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