Skills I wish I knew before!

Skills I wish I knew before!

September 13, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Who would have imagined a high school student with a dream of becoming a doctor, took a turn and became a Mechanical Engineer, worked in analytics and then quit the job for graduate studies to become a data scientist. Well, here I am!  Without solid programming skills and math, I wish I knew these before:

1. SQL – this guy can do wonders, quicker and neater. I recently became very good at it.

2. Python – Although I started before my graduate studies, I wish I have learnt it before.

3. Java, C, C++ – Still I’m a beginner. Only the basics of C was taught in my bachelors

4. Data Storytelling – Still a challenge

If I was exposed to these skills before, I think I would be a better programmer and a data guy now 🙂



Manigandan Chandrasekaran

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