Telling a story with RShiny Dashboard

Telling a story with RShiny Dashboard

June 20, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

I have used R-Shiny Dashboard to build story around data…I have showcased following visualizations in Dashboard:

  • Data Overview

Donut Chart – To see how data is distributed amongst genders

Pie-Charts – To See how data is distributed amongst different age groups.

Histogram – To find out where my data is scattered around/ On an average how many hours do people sleep.

  • Sleep Analysis
  1. Animated Line Charts – Basis filters, how Sleep pattern has differed across time.
  2. Group Histogram – How men and women tend to sleep ? Do Men sleep more as compared to women ?
  3. Error Analysis – Line chart to demonstrate how error is correlated with data through time.
  4. Boxplots – To see how sleeping pattern differs forĀ  men and women across different age-groups

Github Link :

By: Gaurav Chavan


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