The A-Team

The A-Team

February 21, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

“The Strength of the wolf is the pack ”

There is a lot of truth to the above quote. On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual members, but it is the strength of the unit that counts.

Hiring the best team that does his/her role to the maximum of their ability will count to the overall team strength.

When hiring a data science team first thing to know is what makes a data science team, which all roles are present in a data science eco system and what all skill sets are required which makes a good data science team member.

Data science team skill set

Given below are some of the important and preferred skills when hiring a data science member.




Big data processing(PREFERRED)

Algorithms and Models(IMPORTANT)

Frameworks and Libraries(PREFERRED)

Domain knowledge(PREFERRED)

Others-Communication and Presentation skills(PREFERRED)

Types of members that should be present in a data science team

Type A (Analysis) :

This person is a statistician that makes sense of data without necessarily having strong programming knowledge. Type A data scientists perform data cleaning, forecasting, modeling, visualization, etc.

Type B (Building) :

These folks use data in production. They’re excellent good software engineers with some stats background who build recommendation systems, personalization use cases, etc.

Last note on creating the best Data Science Team : “For smaller organisations and startups responsibilities does not have to be clarified. Designers, marketers, product managers and engineers all need to work closely with the Data Science team. “

By Nikhil Nelson


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