The pros and cons of an online data conference

The pros and cons of an online data conference

April 3, 2020 Data Science DATAcated Challenge 0

The pros and cons of an online data conference


I value data conferences for three primary reasons. 1) Networking and meeting people, both existing and new contacts. 2) Learning and growth. 3) Giving back to the community. Our current situation across the global due to COVID-19 is requiring social distancing and shelter in place for a vast majority of people. What are the pros and cons of an online data conference?


  1. No opportunity for physical presence
  2. Limitations on networking and socializing
  3. Economic impact at a local and national level
  4. May reduce the number of participants
  5. Lack of ambience – It just doesn’t feel the same
  6. Technical issues – some people may struggle to attend due to their networking bandwidth
  7. Navigation of the conference


  1. We stay healthy and safe
  2. Environmental impact is reduced, few people are commuting by car, airplane, etc.
  3. It allows the conference to be held verses canceled or deferred
  4. Keeps the community engaged
  5. New advertising and collaboration opportunities
  6. Option to change rooms | presentations
  7. Flexibility, more people could attend

I’ve assigned a value of 1 to 10 to each of these items based on my value proposition and then I created a Tableau dashboard to give a visual view. It would be interesting to perform a survey on this topic across our shared data science community.!/vizhome/Whataretheprosconsofanonlinedataconference/DB?publish=yes

I see opportunity in this crisis, many organizations and people are being impacted and the nature of how we interact as humans is being stretched. Outside the box thinking, like virtual conferences will allow us to carry on with a more typical daily life. The flexibility to still attend a conference is a welcome way to stay connected and informed.

Tripp Parker

Founder and Chief Consultant



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