The Pros & Cons of an online data conference

The Pros & Cons of an online data conference

April 8, 2020 Data Science DATAcated Challenge 0


1. Works perfectly for introverts who are shy to meet people in person and further ask questions during the sessions.

2. Avoid complicated travels, waiting for taxis, constantly thinking of how to get to the venue on time and spend less. It’s comfortable and cheaper.

3. Supports sustainability by reducing travel and resource consumptions, which the world needs right now.

4. Can focus more on content and relate the content to your own personal work and make most effective use of your time. When you are at home you can relate your learnings easily to your own work as resources are available with you.

5. Ignoring other people’s case studies and issue becomes easy and practical as for some people this could be waste of time and for some sharing best learning practices is the way to learn.


1. If you have kids and slow internet connection then you are caught up in a nightmare situation. Less focus.

2. When a presentor is not able to connect with its audience by making an emotional connection with an eye contact then its more likely that he/she can loose the audience and no one gets into the in depth learning experience.

3. You cannot build relations by staring at a screen. This will not give you the feeling of being part of the community. Building network is not just adding connections in LinkedIn  but building relations by knowing the people, their interests, being compatible and sharing common interests learnings with each other down the line.



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