There’s a lot more to a text!

There’s a lot more to a text!

February 8, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Sentiment analysis is one of the significant applications of Natural Language Processing. There’s a lot more to human communication than just the objective definitions of their words.

Understanding this sentiment aspect of a text; is really useful to assess the public reviews or any other broad public opinion that surfaces the social media.

The ability to acquire insights from a piece of text and emoticons, is a practice adopted by numerous organizations. For example, gauging the sentiment of people’s response to a speech given during a political campaign is quite significant. By gathering the opinions of the people in their movie reviews, the feedback can be well understood by knowing the intent/sentiment attached to the corresponding review. Based on the punctuation and word choice, it is possible to know if the customer is exasperated, even in a completely automated chat. Sentiment analysis helps in understanding a text/message completely and perhaps one of the most popular applications of NLP with use-cases ranging from corporate surveys to movie reviews.

By: Shivaranjani Sankar


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