Traits of a Great Data Scientist

Traits of a Great Data Scientist

December 30, 2018 DATAcated Challenge 0

There is a huge demand for Data Scientists and this can be primarily attributed to the intent of deriving most insights from their ever-growing data within the organization. This zeal to get more out of data makes Data Scientist role very challenging and having following traits will help define someone as great data scientist:

1. They need to curious and avid problem solvers. Rather than focusing on tools they should focus on the problem and try to solve it (no matter what tool R, Python, SQL or Excel is used)
2. They need to be critical thinkers, they should be able to understand the business problem and should be able to define what is required to solve this problem.
3. Exceptional communication skills During the analysis phase DS has to constantly communicate with the stakeholders to incorporate the feedback loop and once complete they should be able to present the results in a clear and concise way.
4. Technical acumen they should be able to write code and work in a team environment, produce data pipelines etc and able to handle programming tasks.
5. Good with maths/statistical methods DS should possess good math and statistical knowledge as that will enable him/her to communicate the analysis outcome.
6. Machine learning/Deep learning knowledge This will enable them to apply the right algorithm that is apt for the given problem.
7. A Data Scientist should always look for opportunities to learn new things and be humble.
8. A Data Scientist should understand that there is nothing like a perfect solution, and should not overthink the problem and continuously incorporate stakeholder feedback.

In a nutshell, a data scientist is an embodiment of multiple skills who is a great problem solver and passionate to understand the business case they are working on.

Punardeep Singh


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