Use case of NLP –  TV Advertising and Audience Analysis

Use case of NLP –  TV Advertising and Audience Analysis

February 6, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

We all know the fan base of Game of Thrones is huge as it is a very popular TV show and people are already waiting for it’s final season. There is a constant buzz of this show and people just can’t stop talking about certain characters of this show. There are two ways by which Marketers and Producers can get benefit by using Text analytics. If producers can get to know what the audience feel about certain characters, the story line or the soundtrack featured then they can make certain adjustments to satisfy their viewers and they can increase the audience size and viewers rating. Marketers can dig in to social media streams to analyse the effectiveness of product placement and commercials aired during the breaks.

For example – The character of “John snow” has become very popular and he regularly promotes some products like “Game of Thrones T-shirts, rings” using his Instagram handle. Retailers who want to take advantage of this trend could release a line of ‘King of North clothing”or “John Snow clothing” and align their commercials with shows like Game of Thrones.

Vinyl figure of Jon Snow                                                                     Vinyl figure of Jon Snow

Text Analytics could also be used by TV Executives looking to sell to advertisers. For example, a TV company could mine viewers tweets & forum activity to profile their audience more accurately. So instead of simply pitching the size of their audience to advertisers, they could wow them by identifying their gender, location, age etc and their feelings towards certain products

By: Swapnil Shyamrao Pawar


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