We are born with data science mindset

We are born with data science mindset

January 11, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

Have you ever gone with grandma to the local market as a little kid and saw her walk away from that tomato because she saw a couple of them are bad? But she picked some from another shop that has less bad ones? (Population inference from the sample?)

Have you noticed dad evaluating sales offers from several places when he tries to Normalize everything to a unified unit to compare? We all born with statistical or at least data reasoning, it’s just the education systems that don’t water this little seed much.

Researching and reading in Kirill Eremenko’s Confident Data Skills I found many skills needed, but there are common ones everywhere, some of them I find them important in my day job as a data analyst.

  1. A data scientist is a statistician by nature: Your mission to get numbers to talk, to turn them into intuitive visualization. I will quote this sentence from DataScopeAnalytics.com “A good data scientist can model any data he is given and implement a toolbox full of algorithms to make statistically-informed predictions and recommendations.”
  2. A data scientist is an effective communicator: I just had a situation today where I started working on a set of data sent to me from another department, I completed several visualizations and saw the requester when he told me what it needs to be focused on, it was totally different from mine. I didn’t communicate at the beginning.
  3. A Data Scientist is creative: think of the data as dough of clay and you are a potter, how many shapes you can end up with? Are they all usable?
  4. A Data Scientist is a Curious Creature: Curiosity not bad because it killed the cat, most of today’s vital inventions came from curious scientists who wanted to see what is hiding there, people who think to do the homework only is not enough. The more curious you are, the more stories you can tell from the data in your hands.

By: Atheer Al Attar


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