What are the essential components of a data story?

What are the essential components of a data story?

March 21, 2020 DATAcated Challenge 0

Regardless of the type of data or the tools to present the information, a data story is none other than a story with a beginning, middle and end that is able to connect to the audience at a personal level.

The beginning, middle and end of a story can be the who, what, why, when, where and how’s of the data (although not all can be easily accessible).

Having a story about real life issues brought to life with visualization tools will always complement one another, but having a person to tell the story with emotion will add meaningfulness to an audience.

Audiences can come from a range of skills and abilities, but have a common expectation of benefiting from the story told.

How do you know your story ending is successful?  When the audience is left intrigued with the insights discovered, and wanting to know more by asking questions or wanting to slice and dice the information further to supplement the narratives.

By: Bobby Yee

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