What are the pros & cons of an online data conference?

What are the pros & cons of an online data conference?

April 17, 2020 Data Science DATAcated Challenge 0

The pros and cons of an online data conference is as follows:

1) One can watch the conference at the comfort of their homes.
2) It’s possible to interact well with the speaker/ attendees through Slack
3) If the conference is in an other city than where I live , I save time on travel and I can still get to access the great content online. If there is a time constraint there is a possibility I might not attend the conference. But now there is no excuse and I get the same content delivered to me.
4) The cool gamification, virtual prize giveaways and the enthusiasm is great. It shows how the show must go on and I like seeing the enthusiasm of people

1) I prefer networking in person and that experience is missing
2) The energy of the conference is something else and that can be witnessed only in person
3) Sometimes the UI of a website is not very use friendly and it might be hard to get help
4) Bad internet/ intermittent network spoils the conference experience
5) It’s always fun to attend conference with a friend/ colleague, so a feature to watch same sessions together with a friend can be added to the webinars

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