What are the pros & cons of an online data conference?

What are the pros & cons of an online data conference?

April 3, 2020 Data Science DATAcated Challenge 0

As a asidual participant of on-line and in-person conferences I think there are some features and experiences that differ from each other.

From Online Meeting perspective, it’s awesome to be part of a comunity where you can be virtualy seated next to some one else from the opposite side of the planet the available seats for a specific presentation is almost infinite (depending on the platform capacity) and for shy people ask questions and be part of online raffles is way more easy.

You can choose which meeting interest you the most and reserver your time to assist without the hassle of commuting or traveling, this point is tricky because attending a virtual event at your work place usually limits that you focus completly on the session.

From the In-Person perspective, traveling or reserving time for a conference is exciting, spending time for hang with like minded folks for me it’s energetic and a breath of fresh air, meeting live top tech stars and authors and collecting cool TShirts and souvenirs it’s so much fun. Also talking directly to vendors and see live demos brings new perspectives to the event.

But crowded sessions, meetings scheduled at the same time and long lines for coffee breaks are downsides.

In summary both scenarios have pros and cons, for specific topics and quick learning I prefer an online presentation, but for new contacts, networking and learn something new an In-person conference always win.

Author – Ruben Barrios


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