What’s left unsaid… gets predicted eventually !

What’s left unsaid… gets predicted eventually !

April 4, 2019 DATAcated Challenge 0

We are living in a digital era where half of the population is carrying either of smart-phones, laptops etc. We can’t deny the fact that these electronic devices are getting more intelligent day by day.

But the question which still daunts us is that how are they getting intelligent?

So what do I mean by intelligent ? Let me explain you what happened to me recently… I went over Amazon website to look if there are any current offer’s for headphones. I didn’t find any, so I decided to wait for some cool offers. But as I logged off from Amazon, I could see advertisements of headphones on my smart-phone apps, facebook ads etc. They even showed me discounts going on currently and I wondered how this happened ? The answer to it is one Branch of Predictive Analytics i.e. Customer Behavior Analytics.

Customer Behavior Analytics helps to understand how consumers will behave in the future based on data. Data ? but I didn’t gave my personal data to them. How did they got my data ? The reason is that when I installed these applications, I gave them permissions to keep track of my activity. Now, thats what unknowingly we do in hurry. We give these apps access to our browsing history, call logs, location, camera, and even microphones. Using these data, we can be tracked and our likes and interests can be utilized to create a life-cycle model.

On a broad scale, it will help companies to segment their markets and even apply promotions based on demographics. Thats the reason GDPR came into existence and thats the reason why many Government’s are concerned about user Privacy.

With user data, Prescriptive Analytics, Location Based Analytics and even Speech Analytics is getting revolutionized. Sooner the predictive models designed by means of user data will understand what’s presently going in and around our mind and can influence us accordingly, may be in right or wrong direction.

Hence, whats left unsaid… gets predicted eventually. Think about it.

By: Gaurav Chavan


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