DATAcated Conference Oct 2020

The first-ever DATAcated Conference; hosted on LinkedIn Live!

Join the DATAcated Conference on October 27, 2020 at 10AM – 2PM ET. The conference will last four hours and is packed with incredible insights from the very best speakers!

Speakers will deliver 10 min ‘lightning’ talks and will stay on for a few minutes for some live Q&A.

The conference is hosted on LinkedIn Live and is FREE to attend!

There are 4 tracks within the conference that cover a large spectrum of topics. The tracks are not taking place simultaneously, so you won’t have to choose one over the other!

Data Governance & Wrangling

10AM-11AM ET

Data Literacy & Visualization

11AM-12PM ET

Data Strategy & Leadership


Data Careers & Networking








Conference Sponsors


Fivetran provides simple, reliable data integration for analytics teams.  Their prebuilt connectors deliver analysis-ready schemas and adapt to source changes automatically. Built with analysts in mind, their connectors allow data teams to concentrate on asking the right questions. Reduce technical debt with scalable connectors managed from source to destination.

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is focused on empowering people with trusted analytics. Pyramid is the Trusted Analytics Platform™ that connects your teams, drives confident decisions, and produces winning results. It provides different capabilities and experiences based on individual needs and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource. 


Tellius is all about providing faster decision intelligence at your fingertips. It is a Guided Insights platform that enables business users and analytics teams to quickly understand reasons and key drivers for business behaviors, get instant answers using natural language, and simplify complex data analysis with machine learning automation across billions of data points.


Qlik is focused on accelerating business value with data – on their cloud or any cloud. Use Qlik to turn raw data into remarkable outcomes with end-to-end, multi-cloud data integration and analytics solutions. Close the gaps between data, insights, and action. Qlik was named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms.


Prodago offers software, professional services, and curated content to help organizations speed up time-to-value in implementing comprehensive, practical, adaptable, and operational Data Governance. Accelerator content available for Data Privacy, Data Risks Management and AI Governance already.


Rivery is an intuitive data integration platform that aggregates and transforms all your internal and external data sources in a single cloud-based solution. It allows you to automate every ETL process for cloud data warehouses, including Redshift, BigQuery, Azure, or Snowflake. 

Differentia Consulting

Differentia Consulting provides BI and ERP consulting, solutions, resourcing, support and training services to clients. Their managed services team support the changing needs of your back office, operational and digital transformation and business-as-usual needs for intelligent analytics supporting hybrid, on premise and cloud deployments.

Plaid Consulting

Plaid Consulting uses data to help higher education institutions improve their policies, services, and processes. They start with understanding your goals, your data, your current state, and your people – students, faculty, and staff. Then they bridge the gaps and provide the information and improvements you need.


DataRobot is focused on empowering the Human Heroes of the Intelligence Revolution. With DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform and automated decision intelligence, all key stakeholders can now collaborate in extracting business value from data. Companies across every industry leverage DataRobot’s leading Enterprise AI platform

SPEAKERS: Data Governance & Wrangling

Scott Taylor

The Data Whisperer 

Understanding your data management story

Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Scientist at Google

A quick guide to wrestling with inherited data

Christina Stathopoulos

Data Expert at Google

SQL isn’t going anywhere

Ben Taylor

Chief AI Evangelist at DataRobot

Producing data diamonds from data swamps

SPEAKERS: Data Literacy & Visualization

Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

A simple lesson in data literacy for data scientists

Mico Yuk

Chief Data Storyteller, CEO of BI Brainz Group

Standardize your dashboards and reports with the ‘Analytics Design Guide’

Jordan Morrow

Global Head of Data Literacy  at Qlik

Data literacy – the human element of data

Ajay Khanna

CEO & Founder at Tellius

Rescuing data analysts from reporting hell

SPEAKERS: Data Strategy & Leadership

Omri Kohl

Co-Founder & CEO, Pyramid Analytics

The role of trust in enterprise analytics

Bernard Marr

Futurist & Best Selling Author

How to develop a data strategy

John Thompson

Analytics Leader & Best Selling Author

How to manage a high-performance analytics team for maximum efficiency and employee engagement

Ryan Muething

Data Analyst, Fivetran

Access to data enables Fivetran to be on the leading edge of a data-driven culture

SPEAKERS: Data Careers & Networking

Deborah Berebichez

Physicist & Chief Data Scientist 

Changing the world, one equation at a time

Sarah Nooravi

Sr. Financial Analyst at Snap Inc.

Networking like a PRO during a pandemic

Danny Ma

Founder & CEO of Sydney Data Science

Importance of understanding the WHOLE  data science process

Lillian Pierson

Data CEO, Leader & Educator, Data-Mania

5 steps to land your first data freelancing client

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