2019 Goals: Kate Strachnyi

. We are a few days away from the end of 2018; I’m thinking through my goals for 2019 and wanted to document my thoughts to refer to in the next year.  This list isn’t comprehensive but I’m going to try to accomplish the following: Interview 100 people for Humans of Data Science video podcast (Ongoing) Develop…
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December 28, 2018 2

Read Together, Learn Together – Join the Online Book Club

  Have you joined the Online Book Club (LinkedIn Group)? Here’s the link to join! The Online Book Club is starting soon; so I wanted to remind everyone to get the book for January  – it is Stoicism: Introduction to the Good Life. The author states that “if you apply the Stoic principles within this…
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December 23, 2018 0

2018 Year in Review: Kate Strachnyi

2018 has been a great year for me. I wanted to share a few highlights from this year before we head into the next one; where I have goals set that truly wake me up early in the morning and keep me motivated and excited. Here is a summary of some of these highlights: 2018…
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December 16, 2018 3

Insights from 7 Sessions of the DATAx Conference in NYC (Dec 2018)

The DATAx conference in NY (Innovation Enterprise Summits) took place on December 12th and 13th of 2018. The event was run as five parallel track sessions that focused on different areas and allowed participants to flow from one track to another. Though I couldn’t attend every session here is a glimpse into some of the…
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December 14, 2018 0

Three reasons why mothers should consider a career in data science

For several women, the time during their pregnancy is one of overwhelming happiness, and at times, worry. We worry about things like childbirth and not knowing what to do with our baby after he or she is born. Women with careers have an added worry; we think about how this adorable new addition to our…
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October 29, 2018 0