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What makes a great Data Scientist?

So, you want to become a Data Scientist; well, I don’t blame you! After all, this profession is fascinating and very promising. But, do you really have what it takes to be a successful Data Scientist? I’d like to group the essential traits to achieve this goal into three categories: academic, skills, and personal. Let…
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January 6, 2019 0

Qualities that make a great data scientist

I would say that a few of the qualities that make a great data scientist are: Intense curiosity: data scientists should be innately curious about the data they are working with so that they will always be hungry for insights and how to improve their methodology Strong technical skills: they should have the background necessary…
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January 3, 2019 0

A data scientist foundations

As Data Science roles continue to be in high demand across industries, and more organizations start to develop a data driven culture, the interest in transitioning to this field increases. Certainly, DS is a very dynamic discipline that is making a big impact across organizations, with a practical approach brings together other disciplines like math,…
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December 31, 2018 0

Traits of a Great Data Scientist

There is a huge demand for Data Scientists and this can be primarily attributed to the intent of deriving most insights from their ever-growing data within the organization. This zeal to get more out of data makes Data Scientist role very challenging and having following traits will help define someone as great data scientist: 1.…
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December 30, 2018 0