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Data use in care

Due to regulations (GDPR) it seems to get more and more difficult to set up data lakes to train AI, use data for a brother range of research then it was initially collected for or use it in line for valuebased healthcare. How can we be inventive to act in line with the GDPR but…
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February 7, 2020 0

The sense behind the data

In the world of data we are surfing, one of the most relevant things is to have a clear overview about what you are looking for to do the right questions. Having a huge amount of data could be nothing without sense, so giving sense to the data is more important than having data. The…
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January 13, 2020 0

20 SMART Goals for 2020

There are several things I’d like to accomplish next year. Below, I share my 20 SMART goals for 2020: 365 days of Python & R code – follow this hashtag #dailycoding – posting learning progress on social media Help 20 companies with their social media strategy (focused on companies innovating in the data science and artificial intelligence…
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December 30, 2019 0

20 Data Trends for 2020

Though we cannot tell what the future holds for us, we can make predictions based on trends. Read about the key data trends from twenty thought-leaders for 2020. JT Kostman Ph.D – A global cyber crime pandemic ($6T annually) and an ever-expanding alphabet soup of data privacy/protection legislation will increasingly require Data Scientists to accept…
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December 11, 2019 0

How to Use Data To Improve Business Performance

If you are an avid reader of business-related articles, you must have noticed a pattern: everyone talks about the importance of data to run a modern – day business. Data analysis is nothing new; even companies in the past relied on various patterns and conclusions they came up with when examining collected data on their…
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July 30, 2019 0