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A deep learning model got to know its limitations

Google CEO, Sundar Pitchai said that AI will be more profound than inventions of electricity or fire, emphasizing the impact it will have on the human race. The deep learning algorithms behind the success of AI are the deep neural networks, where the multiple hidden layer learn from exposure to millions of data points. The…
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January 23, 2019 0

What are the limitations of deep learning?

There are a few on the top of my head: 1- Deep Learning usually requires more data to achieve higher accuracy than other ML models 2- It is very difficult to interpret the behavior of every layer once the network becomes a little deep. For example: in regression you can explain the effect of x1,…
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January 20, 2019 0

Security, Humans and Innovation Limitations

There are a few things worth noting, at a first sight: The security breaches Humans are involved Innovation is kinda off limits The security: The security of deep learning is clumsy and in a way it is its own paradox: how do you learn everything and at the same time protect yourself from learning. There…
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January 19, 2019 0